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Alpha Lion Cravings Killer (Appetite & Cravings Suppressant †) – 90 Caps

Cravings Killer is a 100% natural appetite and cravings suppressant powered by 3 scientifically studied, patented ingredients that will allow you to kill those evil cravings once and for all!

Alpha Lion Night Burn – 60 Caps

  • Sleep Deeper & Relax Better 
  • Occasional Metabolism by up to 400% 
  • Helps Promote Healthy and Balanced Cortisol Production & Reduce Stress 
  • Enhance Overall Mood 

Alpha Lion Super Human Test – 90 Caps

SuperHuman Test is a 100% natural test booster loaded with premium and patented ingredients designed to help increase free t-levels, boost libido and drive, and increase energy and mental clarity. Allowing you to increase performance in and out of the gym.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn

Original price was: GYD$10,000.00.Current price is: GYD$5,000.00.


A 2-in-1 fat burning pre-workout designed to amplify your caloric expenditure while increasing training intensity. Featuring research backed ingredients and powered by our novel SXT Energy System, Superhuman Burn will help you burn more calories while elevating strength and focus. Truly the best of both worlds.
  • 7 Trademarked Ingredients
  • 100% Transparent Label
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Safe, Side-Effect Free
  • All Ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe)

Alpha Lion Superhuman Extreme

Original price was: GYD$10,000.00.Current price is: GYD$5,000.00.
  • 21 Servings
  • Hardest-hitting formula†
  • Energy jetpack with no crash†
  • Enhanced power and strength†
  • Next-level focus and alertness†
  • Limited Edition Formula
  • Flavor never returning!

Alpha Lion Superhuman Greens- 30 Servings

  • 30 Servings
  • Energy Production: The synergistic effect of the 8 matrix’s in the formula will give you the precise combination of powerhouse ingredients to help your body produce its own natural energy stores.
  • Gut Health: Your gut is really your second brain. Proper Gut health is vital for so many bodily functions, and we packed our Alpha Lion Daily Greens full of our enzyme and probiotic blend.
  • Liver Function: The Alpha Lion Daily Greens grass and greens blend contains a whopping 6 grams of detoxify and antioxidant ingredients including spirulina, spinach and chlorella. These are extremely powerful antioxidants, and will fight free radicals all day long.
  • Healthy Digestion: The Alpha Lion Daily Greens enzyme and probiotic blend will not only improve your overall digestion, but increase nutrient absorption. This is vital for fat loss AND muscle building goals, as you need your body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients to operate like a body transformation machine.
  • Immune Function: The Alpha Lion Daily Greens Fruit and Veggie blend packs in over 20 fruits and veggies which are essential for a strong immune system from nutrients we commonly miss.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Intra

Original price was: GYD$10,000.00.Current price is: GYD$5,000.00.
  • Helps Promote Healthy Recovery And Athletic Endurance
  • Helps Promote Healthy Hydration And Electrolyte Replenishment
  • 10g Of All 9 Amino Acids, NOT Just 3
  • So Delicious You'll Sip It All Day Long
  • Ultra-Premium Formula Using 4 Patented Ingredients
  • Superior-Grade Fermented InstAminos

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre

Original price was: GYD$10,000.00.Current price is: GYD$5,000.00.


The original, high- performance pre-workout is the gold standard of training intensity. Its jam-packed but well-rounded formula is the perfect solution for anyone struggling with gym motivation or stagnant workouts.
  • 21 Servings
  • 4 Premium, Trademarked Ingredients
  • 100% transparent label
  • Research-Supported Ingredients
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Safe, side-effect Free

Alpha Lion Superhuman Protein – 28 Servings

  • Supports Lean Muscle Growth
  • Helps Promote Healthy Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Supports Muscle Recovery
  • Helps Promote Protein Digestion with DigeZyme® per serving
  • Helps Promote Protein Absorption with AstraGin® per serving
  • 25g of Pure Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate
  • Utilizes Cross-flow Microfiltration Process

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump

Original price was: GYD$10,000.00.Current price is: GYD$5,000.00.


A stim-free pump and performance pre-workout designed to maximize vascularity, strength and power output. Perfect for anyone sensitive to stimulants, night owl athletes, or anyone cycling off caffeine.
  • 42 Servings
  • Research-backed formula
  • Stimulant-free
  • 100% transparent label
  • Banned Substance Free
  • Safe, side-effect Free
  • All Ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe)

Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme

Original price was: GYD$10,000.00.Current price is: GYD$5,000.00.


  • 21 Servings
  • 375 mg of dual sourced caffeine
  • Maximum strength pre-workout formula
  • Increased stim effectiveness
  • Increased euphoria during training
  • Elevated nutrient absorption

Alpha Lion Superhuman Woman- 30 Servings

Original price was: GYD$7,000.00.Current price is: GYD$5,000.00.

SuperHuman Woman - Alpha Lion - Hormone Balance

What Is It?

SuperHuman Woman by Alpha Lion is an all-in-one hormone support performance drink. It blasts through PMS so you can keep performing at your peak all month! † SuperHuman Woman is the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, and patented ingredients that hydrate and balance hormones at the same time. † It delivers clean, long-lasting, jitter-free energy thanks to a blend of Vitamin B6, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and a new patented ingredient called Enxtra. Enxtra has been shown in clinical studies to improve alertness and focus for up to 5 hours. † It also contains a unique mineral blend with over 72 trace minerals and all 5 electrolytes dosed at about 5x more than popular sports drinks! †


  • SuperHuman Woman All Day Energy, Mood & Stress Control (L-Tyrosine - 500mg, KSM-66 Ashwagandha - 200mg, EnXtra Alpinia Galanga Rhizome Extract - 200mg): These ingredients helps support steady energy levels, reduce stress, and provide mood support. †
  • SuperHuman Woman Weight Management (Acetyl-L-Carnitine - 500mg, Cocoabuterol [Cocoa Extract] - 100mg): This blend can support healthy weight, manage blood sugar, boost metabolism, and even curb cravings. †
  • SuperHuman Woman Hormone Balancing (Myo-Inositol - 2000mg, Vitex Agnus Castus Extract 4:1 - 250mg, 3,3'-Diindolylmethane [DIM] - 150mg): These ingredients work to balance hormone levels and lessen the symptoms of PMS. †
  • SuperHuman Woman Performance & Hydration (Taurine - 1000mg, Potassium Gluconate - 400mg, AquaMin [Trace Minerals Derived from Red Marine Algae] - 250mg, Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate - 250mg, Calci-K [Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate] - 250mg, Sodium Chloride - 100mg, Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate - 30mg, BioPerine Black Pepper Extract - 5mg): This blend works together to support water balance and hydration while reducing fatigue and PMS symptoms, like bloating and fatigue. †
  • 30 Servings
  • Helps Balance Hormones †
  • Helps Improve Energy & Reduce Fatigue †
  • Assists With Weight Management †
  • Hydrates & Improves Performance †