Bucked Up Buck Feed ORIGINAL Protein

Our Original Buck Feed combines 25 -premium-grams of hormone-free Whey Protein with Deer Antler Velvet powder to help you maximize your results and fuel your healthy lifestyle. Our Original Buck Feed does this by helping you build and maintain muscle and optimize fat-loss when combined with exercise*.

Whether you’re a vanilla or a swole-whip loving revolutionary, we got you. Original Buck Feed delivers mouth-watering flavors. Because achieving goals should be delicious.



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Features & Compatibility


Whey Protein

Contains a wide range of amino acids and is ideal for building muscle when combined with exercise.*

Himalayan Rock Salt

Rich in trace minerals and electrolytes. Can increase nutrient absorption and improve hydration.*

Deer Antler Velvet

Could balance hormone levels to improve muscle strength and recovery.*


Recommended Use

Take with 8-12oz of your preferred liquid immediately after your workout. Keep container closed in a cool, dry place.

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