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PR-XT, our brand new recomposition & ergogenic aid sits atop a category of products that for years have over-promised and under-delivered. They’ve been touted as the often overused cliché “Game Changer,” with said game remaining at the same level.

That’s why PR-XT has been coined “The Holy Grail” …. The ever-elusive item that was thought to be more myth than a reality. Now, let’s approach this from a realistic, scientific standpoint, remove the hype and the dream of “The Magic Pill,” “Exercise in a Bottle,” etc. Without exercise, proper diet, etc, you won’t get results, period. But what if there was a product that didn’t replace exercise, but magnified the benefits of exercise, no matter what your goals are?*

Grab the Holy Grail of Exercise Supplements
  • Potent recomposition & ergogenic aid*
  • 1800mg anacyclus pyrethrum
  • 500mg Mitoburn™
  • 100mg S7™ nitric oxide booster
  • 90 Capsules
  • 30 Servings



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Quote from Shawn Wellsl

Through science we’ve unlocked that potential. PR-XT is a combination of 3 key fully-dosed ingredients; Anacyclus Pyrethrum, S7™ (a plant based nitric oxide booster) and the novel ingredient MitoBurn™. In combination these ingredients amplify the effects of exercise, all of the effects & benefits of exercise. *

So no matter your goals, type of training or experience level, PR-XT can give you the edge to attain those much more efficiently.*

“To be honest, if you’re exercising, you can benefit from this!” – Shawn Wells*

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In reality, to put PR-XT in the box of only being a recomp aid wouldn’t be doing it justice. Does it help you burn fat and build muscle? (The literal definition of recomp) Yes, absolutely. But it does so much more than that.*

Specifically MitoBurn™ has the potential to augment all the benefits of exercise by signaling your body that exercise, intense exercise is happening. *

“All the things associated with exercise; increased BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which improves neuroplasticity in your brain, improved Vo2 Max for endurance, improved muscle mass, reduced fat mass, improved bone mineral density, improved glycogen storage, improved ketone utilization, all these things happen as a result of high intensity exercise.” – Shawn Wells*

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