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USN Pure Glutamine 60 Servings

USN’s Pure Glutamine contains premium quality L-Glutamine, a naturally-occurring amino acid which is mostly stored in skeletal muscle. L-Glutamine is broken down quickly during exercise. Supplementation with Pure Glutamine has been found to facilitate protein synthesis, increase muscle cell volume, and aid in strength and recovery.

Key Features:

  • 60 Servings
  • 100 Servings
  • 5g Glutamine per serving
  • Micronized for optimal absorption
  • Increased muscle stamina
  • Increased muscle recovery
  • Unflavored
  • Easy mixability
Mix: 1 scoop of USN PURE GLUTAMINE with 8-10oz water, protein drink or juice of your choice. Take one serving prior to workout and another serving following your workout.


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Features & Compatibility

L-Glutamine has been found to aid in muscle recovery and preservation, strength, and stamina. L-Glutamine is broken down in large amounts during strenuous physical activity and can take up to 6 days to be naturally replenished. Pure Glutamine is formulated as an anabolic and anti-catabolic supplement, aiding protein metabolism, and reducing muscle breakdown. L-Glutamine has also been found to contribute to increased muscle pumps, resulting in fuller looking muscles.

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60 Servings

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